Fascism Today: A Reading List

Below is a short reading (and listening, and watching) list of work by Shane Burley concerning white nationalism, antifascism, and how to understand the far-right. Building on a wealth of research, these articles attempt to paint a larger picture of where the fascist movement is currently at and how social movements have the capacity to respond.

Fascism and White Nationalism

· Why Lawsuits Are Not Enough to Stop the Far-Right (Truthout)

· How White Nationalists Are Setting Immigration Policy in Trump’s White House (Truthout)

· White Nationalist Groups are Splitting Over Gay Inclusion (Truthout)

· Because of Their Violence (AK Press)

· Patriot Prayer is Building a Violent Far-Right Movement in Portland (Truthout)

· Young Fascists on Campus: Turning Point USA and its Far-Right Connections (Truthout)

· Twenty-Five Theses on Fascism (Institute for Anarchist Studies)

· How White Nationalists Hide in Academia (Salon)

· Nothing New Under the Fascist Sun (Jacobin)

· Will the Alt Right Produce the Next Timothy McVeigh? (Alternet)

· How ‘Students for Trump’ Terrorized Portland State University (ThinkProgress)

· Institutionalizing Lone-Wolf Terrorism: How Fascist Organizations Inspire Mass Violence (The Hampton Institute)

· Beyond History: Stretching Our Understanding of Fascism (The Anarcho-Syndicalist Review)

· White Nationalist Links, Voter Suppression Define Kris Kobach’s Career (Truthout)

· A History of Violence (Commune)

Antifascist Community Organizing

· What Will It Take to Stop the Alt Right’s Effort to ‘Unite the Right?’ (Waging Nonviolence)

· As the Alt Right Moves to Violence, Community Responses Matter (Waging Nonviolence)

· Anti-Fascist Organizing Explodes on College Campuses (Waging Nonviolence)

· Lessons on Defeating White Nationalism from the Anti-Racists Who Stopped David Duke (Waging Nonviolence)

· Fascism in the United States Can’t Be Defeated Without a Mass Movement (In These Times)

· The Fall of the Alt Right Came From Antifascism (Salon)

· Yes, There Can Be Successful Counter Movements to Fascism (Truthout)

· Unions Against Fascism (The Anarcho-Syndicalist Review)

· Survivors Confront Far Right’s #HimToo Campaign in Portland

· Fractured Far Right Escalates Harassment Against Left in Portland

Alt Right

· How the Alt Right is Trying to Hide It’s White Supremacist Ties (Truthout)

· Defining the Alt Right and the New American Fascism (CounterPunch)

· Disunite the Right: The Growing Divides in the Pepe Coalition (Political Research Associates)

· How the Left Can Circumvent the Rise of the Alt Right (Truthout)

· Alt Right 2.0 (Salvage)

· The Alt Right is Building a White Nationalist Mass Movement With “Operation Homeland” (Truthout)

· The Alt Right’s Militant Radicalization (Truthout)

· Anti-Semitism in the White House: Stephen Bannon, Donald Trump, and the Alt Right (Truthout)

· The Campaign to Save Pepe the Frog (ThinkProgress)

· How the Alt Right is Creating a ‘Safe Space’ for Racism on College Campuses (Waging Nonviolence)

· As the Alt Right Breaks from Trump, So Goes It’s Moment in the Sun (Waging Nonviolence)


· Alt-right weakened by not dead after Charlottesville (Al Jazeera)

· Fascism Depends on a Belief in Human Inequality (Truthout)

· Against the Alt Right: An Interview With Shane Burley (Abolition Journal)

· Refusing the Fascist Future: An Interview With Shane Burley (Antifascist News)

· Fascism in the USA: An Interview With Shane Burley (The Hampton Institute)

· Fascism Today Conversation Part 1: Interview With Author Shane Burley (Three-Way Fight)

· Fascism Today: An Interview With Shane Burley (AK Press)

Podcast Interviews

· Shane Burley Discussing Roots of Fascism w/ Sam Seder at The Majority Report

· Fascism in the USA: Analysis and Strategy for Fighting Back (RevLeft Radio)

· News from Nowhere: Fascism Today w/ Shane Burley (News from Nowhere)

· Shane Burley on Trumpism, Nativism, and Mass Antifascism (IGDCast)

· Interview on the Alt Right and Mass Antifascism (KPFA)

· Antifascism in the Age of the Alt Right (KPFA)

· Fascism, Solidarity, and War Magic (Gods & Radicals)

· ‘Alt Right’ White Supremacists Organizing on College Campuses (Between the Lines)

· Fascist Organizing, Infiltration, and Antifa (The Hampton Institute)

· Little Beirut — DudeBros

· Connect the Dots (Progressive Talk Radio)

· Radio Dispatch — Shane Burley on Fascism Today

· Shane Burley on Fascism Today (The Final Straw)

· The Pseudo-Science of Race and the Alt Right (Last Podcast in the Wilderness)

· This is America #4: Portland Pushes Out Patriot Prayer (It’s Going Down)

· Creeping Fascism With Alexander Reid Ross and Shane Burley (Positively Revolting, KBOO)

· Goodnight Alt-Right: Fascism Today and How to Stop It w/ Shane Burley (Last Podcast in the Wilderness)

· The Fascist Movement Today (KBOO)

· Moving Forward In A Time of Increased Far Right Violence, A Conversation With Author and Reporter Shane Burley (Progressive Talk Radio)

· Coffee With Comrades: Episode 26: “Behind Every Lone Wolf There’s a Wolf Pack” feat. Shane Burley


· Fascism Strikes Back (The Open Mind, PBS)

· Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It (Rise Up w/ Sonali)

· Against Fascism Today: Shane Burley and Alexander Reid Ross Speaking at the University of Washington

· Shane Burley and Mark Bray on Fascism Today and Antifa at Powell’s Bookstore

· The Struggle: Alyssa Pariah, Alexander Reid Ross, and Shane Burley Talk Antifascism and Immigration in 2018 (KBOO)

· Killing the Pseudoscience of Race (Last Born in the Wilderness)

· Behind Every Lone Wolf: An Examination Of A Far-Right Insurgency w/ Shane Burley (Last Born in the Wilderness)

Filmmaker and author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It. His work is featured at Jacobin, In These Times, Salon, Truthout, etc. @Shane_Burley1

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