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  • Brandon Farley

    Brandon Farley

    Mixed-Media Publicist from Portland, Oregon. {Protests & Riots • Viral Videographer} Formerly of FarleyFilms, FarleyMedia & OpticsMedia.

  • Julia Vidal

    Julia Vidal

  • Marielle Eaton

    Marielle Eaton

    Sexual and Relationship Violence Prevention and Victim Advocacy. Anti-Fascist Activism. Healthy Community Building. Fighting against hyper-capitalism.

  • Ken Cheney

    Ken Cheney

    Adept at airplane yoga, practiced in economy class at 30,000 feet. Tech exec. Great product + marketing + sales = my job.

  • Caitlin Virginia

    Caitlin Virginia

  • Hope Cruz

    Hope Cruz

    I’m a devoted cinephile, critic, and essayist who loves life, humanity, art, truth, drama, beauty, dreams, humor, cerebral creativity and visceral sensations.

  • Chris Wood

    Chris Wood

    If only food grew out of the ground.

  • J. Shaffer

    J. Shaffer

    freelance writer and photographer trying to make it full time. USPA member.

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