Last Born in the Wilderness Episode #200, Featuring Silvia Federici, Dahr Jamail, and Shane Burley [PODCAST]

This is episode #200 of Last Born In The Wilderness. This is something of a highlight reel, featuring numerous segments from previous interviews I’ve conducted and released, with commentary on the underlying themes and threads that tie all this work together. This is a beast of an episode (almost four hours in length), so please take your time!

This episode features segments of discussions with Silvia Federici, Dr. Gerald Horne, Shane Burley, Liyah Babayan, Stephen Jenkinson, Dahr Jamail, William Rees, Dezeray Lyn, Peter Gelderloos, Cory Morningstar, Jasper Bernes, Rhyd Wildermuth, Dr. Karla Tait, Ramon Elani, John Halstead, Charles Eisenstein, Joe Brewer, and Bayo Akomolafe.

As I stated in the introduction and at the end, I will be taking a break from this project for about three weeks in total. I’ll be back July 22nd with a new episode, and back on schedule with regularly released episodes every week from then on.


INTRO/ Peter (DROP ME A LINE): / [4:10]

1/ Silvia Federici (#106 | Caliban And The Witch: The Body In The Transition To Capitalism): [13:59]

2/ Dr. Gerald Horne (#120 | This Is America: The Apocalypse Of Settler Colonialism):[26:28]

3/ Shane Burley (#181 | The Violent Myth Of White Erasure: Terror In Christchurch):[37:21]

4/ Liyah Babayan (#131 | The Other: Genocide; Life After): [48:47]

5/ Stephen Jenkinson (#134 | Elderhood: Coming Of Age In Troubled Times):[1:02:07]

6/ TEDxTwinFalls (Forging Connections In Perilous Times): [1:14:35]

7/ Dahr Jamail (#154 | Another End Of The World Is Possible: Part One): / [1:17:45]

8/ William Rees (#125 | Marching Toward Collapse: Biophysical Limits & Our Cognitive Blindspots): [1:26:10]

9/ Dezeray Lyn (#161 | Solidarity Not Charity: Mutual Aid Disaster Relief; A Factor Of Evolution): [1:45:12]

10/ Peter Gelderloos (#166 | How Nonviolence Protects The State: An Analysis Of Early State Formation): [1:55:08]

11/ Cory Morningstar (#188 | For Your Consent: Climate Activism & The Financialization Of Nature): [2:05:10]

12/ Jasper Bernes (#198 | Sacrifice Zones: Between The Devil & The Green New Deal):[2:16:40]

13/ Rhyd Wildermuth (#197 | All That Is Sacred Is Profaned: Marxism, Paganism, & History As Process): [2:26:35]

14/ Dahr Jamail (#171 | The End Of Ice: Bearing Witness In The Path Of Climate Disruption w/ Rob Seimetz): / [2:32:58]

15/ Dr. Karla Tait (#169 | Heal The Land, Heal The People: The Unist’ot’en Healing Center):[2:45:35]

16/ Ramon Elani (#185 | The Gods Have Fled: The Home As A Site Of Defiance Against Modernity): [2:55:36]

17/ John Halstead (#148 | The Dying God: Learning To Die In The Anthropocene):[3:04:28]

18/ Charles Eisenstein (#141 | Initiation: A New Story Of Climate): [3:17:16]

19/ Joe Brewer (#193 | Invisible, Sacred Work: The Management Of Planetary Collapse): [3:27:23]

20/ Bayo Akomolafe (#179 | We Will Not Arrive Intact: The Times Are Urgent, Let’s Slow Down): [3:33:33]

OUTRO/ The song featured is “Listening Piece 1” composed by Scott Farkas (used with permission): [3:42:30]




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Filmmaker and author of Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It. His work is featured at Jacobin, In These Times, Salon, Truthout, etc. @Shane_Burley1

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